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About Novris Technologies

Novris Technologies (NTPL Training & Development Private Limited) is an education platform since 2022 providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world- class faculty and industry for SAP Training.

Course Description

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, concepts, and practices involved in planning and managing production activities within an organization using an ERP system. The course focuses on the role of production planning in optimizing resources, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring timely delivery of products


  • Infrastructure and Hardware
  • Data Management
  • User Training
  • Integration with Other Modules
  • Customization and Configuration

Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture of continuous improvement in production planning by regularly reviewing and analyzing data, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing process enhancements. This iterative approach ensures that production planning activities are optimized over time.

Throughout the course, students will explore the key components and functionalities of an ERP system with a specific emphasis on production planning modules. They will gain hands-on experience with industry-leading ERP software to develop practical skills in production planning and control.

Novris Technologies Training Program Insights

  • Session Recordings - Original Class Room Voice & Video Recording
  • Training Material - Soft Copy Handbooks
  • Assignments | 25+ Hands-on Exercises
  • Test Papers - We provide Practice Test as part of our course to help you prepare for the actual certification exam.
  • Live Case Studies
  • Live Projects - Hands-on exercises and Project work. You will work on real time industry- oriented projects and assignments for each module to practice.
  • Key focus on Hands-on exercises and Project work - You will work on real time industry-oriented projects.
  • Faculty with more than 10+ Years of Experience in the Industry.
  • Technical Resume Designing & Job Assistance: With more than 100+ Clients across the Globe and we help learners to get a good job in their respective field. We also help learners with resume preparation.
  • Interview Q&A
  • How I Unlock my NTPL Certificate: Attend Complete Batch & Submit at least One Completed Project.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview
    • What is Production Planning?
    • What is Demand Forecasting?
    • What is Production Scheduling?
    • What is Material Requirements Planning?
    • Inventory Management
    • Resource Allocation
    • Quality Control
  • Installation
    • Assess Requirements
    • Select a Production Planning System:
    • Plan the Implementation
    • Infrastructure Preparation
    • Data Migration
    • Software Installation:
    • Configuration and Customization
    • Integration with Other Systems
    • Testing and Validation

Module 2: Architecture, Scenarios, and Admin Tools

  • Architecture & scenarios
    • Client Interface
    • Application Server
    • Manufacturing Operations:
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Module 3: Basic Operations in Production Planning

    • Operate Production Planning
      • Demand Forecasting
      • Capacity Planning
      • Production Scheduling:
      • Material Requirements
      • Resource Allocation
    • Basics of backup and recovery
      • Data Backup-
      • Log area backup
      • Additional backup topics
      • Recovery and database copy
      • backup and recovery using storage snapshot
    • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
      • Configure traces
      • Working with diagnosis information and Diagnosis Files
      • SQL Console and Query Analysis
      • Remote support
    • Security
      • Security Overview
      • Authentication
      • Authorization
      • Encryption
      • Auditing

    Module 4: Maintaining Users and Authorizations

    • User Management
    • Types of Privileges
    • Types of Roles
    • Administrative Tasks
    • Information Sources for Administrators
    • SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant

    Module 5: Advanced Production Planning

    • High Availability and Disaster Tolerance
      • Resource Optimization
      • Flexibility and Scalability
      • Isolation and Security
    • Multitenant Database Containers
      • Resource Efficiency:
      • Scalability
    • Data Provisioning
      • Master Data
      • Demand Data
      • Inventory Data
      • Production Performance Data

    Module 6:ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning and R/3 System

    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning BASIS Overview
      • Introduction to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning
      • Introduction to System Administration
      • System Monitoring and Performance Optimization
      • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Roles and Responsibilities
      • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning
      • Transport Management
      • Applying SAP License
      • System Upgrades and Patch Management:
      • System Integration
    • R/3 System Overview
      • What is an ERP System?
      • Material Requirement Planning (MRP):
      • About R/3 Architecture
      • Capacity Planning
      • Production Order Management
      • Shop Floor Control

    Module 7:ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Landscapes and Flow

    • Development Landscape
    • Testing Landscape
    • Production Landscape

    Module 8: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Landscapes and Flow

    • Installation concepts on different operating systems
      • Windows Operating System
      • OS Version
      • Database Installation
      • ERP Software Installation
    • Operating Modes
      • Planning Mode
      • Exception Modes
      • Reporting and Analysis Mode
      • Maintenance Mode
      • Simulation Mode
    • Profile Maintenance
      • User Profile Creation
      • Authorization Assignment
      • Role-Based Access Control
      • Profile Updates and Maintenance
      • Profile Auditing and Monitoring
      • Profile Auditing and Monitoring

    Module 9: Client & User Administration

    • Client Creation
    • Client Configuration
    • Data Segregation
    • User Creation
    • Role Assignment
    • Authorization Management
    • User Maintenance
    • User Training and Support

    Module 10: Patch Management, Change and Transport Management System

    • SPatch Management
    • Patch Evaluation
    • Change and Transport Management System:

    Module 11: CCMS Administration and RFC in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning

    • CCMS Administration:
    • RFC (Remote Function Call)
    • lntegration with External Systems
    • Function Module Calls
    • Remote Data Access
    • Transactional Data Exchange

    Module 12: Databases

    • Database Overview
    • Reviewing Database Architecture
    • Connecting to the Database
    • Using Database Administration Tools
    • Administrating Oracle Instances
    • Backup, Restore and Recovery

    Module 13: Introduction to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Platform

    • Purpose and Functionality
    • Integration and Data Sharing
    • Master Data Management
    • Demand and Capacity Planning
    • Production Scheduling
    • Shop Floor Execution

    Module 14: Placement Guide

    • Tips to clear an Interview
    • Common Interview questions and answers
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Interview Questions and Answers
    • Resume Building Guide
    • Career roadmap and certifications
    • Attempt for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Production Planning Global Certification Exam
    • Start applying for Jobs

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