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About Novris Technologies

Novris Technologies (NTPL Training & Development Private Limited) is an education platform since 2022 providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world- class faculty and industry for Excel Training.

Course Description

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software widely used for data analysis, financial modeling, project management, and various other tasks. This Excel Training course is designed to provide participants with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively use Excel for their professional and personal needs. Whether you are a beginner with no prior experience or an intermediate/advanced user seeking to enhance your Excel skills, this course will cover a range of topics and techniques to help you become proficient in Excel.


  • Computer and Software
  • Operating System
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • OFamiliarity with Spreadsheets/li>
  • Internet Access (For Online Training)
  • Course Materials/li>
  • Practice Datasets
  • Learning Attitude

It is important to note that specific requirements may vary depending on the training provider or the level of the Excel training course (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). It is recommended to review the course details and prerequisites provided by the training provider to ensure you meet all the requirements for a successful learning experience.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview
    • Introduction to Excel
    • What is Excel
    • Excel interface and navigation
    • Understanding workbooks, worksheets, and cells
    • Entering and editing data
    • Formatting spreadsheets: fonts, colors, borders, and alignment

Module 2:: Ms Excel Basic

    • Ms Excel Basic
    • Range Name, Format Painter
    • Conditional Formatting, Wrap Text, Merge & Centre
    • Sort, Filter, Advance Filter
    • Different type of Chart Creations
    • Auditing, (Trace Precedents, Trace Dependents)Print Area
    • Data Validations, Consolidate, Subtotal
    • What if Analysis (Data Table, Goal Seek, Scenario)
    • Solver, Freeze Panes
    • Various Simple Functions in Excel(Sum, Average, Max, Min)
    • Various Simple Functions in Excel(Sum, Average, Max, Min)
    • Real Life Assignment work

Module 3: : Ms Excel Advance

    • Advance Data Sorting
    • Multi-level sorting
    • Restoring data to original order after performing sorting
    • Sort by colours
    • Lookup Functions
    • Lookup o VLookup o HLookup
    • Subtotal, Multi-Level Subtotal
    • Grouping Features
    • Column Wise o Row Wise
    • Consolidation With Several Worksheets
    • Filter
    • Auto Filter o Advance Filter
    • Printing of Raw & Column Heading on Each Page
    • Workbook Protection and Worksheet Protection
    • Specified Range Protection in Worksheet
    • Excel Data Analysis
    • Goal Seek o Scenario Manager
    • Data Table
    • Advance use of Data Tables in Excel
    • Reporting and Information Representation
    • Pivot Table
    • Pivot Chat
    • Slicer with Pivot Table & Chart
    • enerating MIS Report In Excel
    • Advance Functions of Excel
    • Math & Trig Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Lookup & Reference Function
    • Logical Functions & Date and Time Functions
    • Database Functions
    • Statistical Functions
    • Financial Functions
    • Functions for Calculation Depreciation

Module 4: MIS Reporting & Dash Board

  • Dashboard Background
  • Dashboard Elements
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Type of Reporting In India
  • Reporting Analyst o Indian Print Media Reporting
  • Audit Report
  • Accounting MIS Reports
  • HR Mis Reports
  • MIS Report Preparation Supplier, Exporter
  • Data Analysis
  • Costing Budgeting Mis Reporting
  • MIS Report For Manufacturing Company
  • MIS Reporting For Store And Billing
  • Product Performance Report
  • Member Performance Report
  • Customer-Wise Sales Report
  • Collections Report
  • Channel Stock Report
  • Prospect Analysis Report
  • Calling Reports
  • Expenses Report
  • Stock Controller MIS Reporting
  • Inventory Statement
  • Payroll Report
  • Salary Slip
  • Loan Assumption Sheet
  • Invoice Creation

Module 5: Course Delivery

  • The Excel Training course can be delivered in various formats, including instructor-led classroom sessions, virtual classrooms, or self-paced online modules
  • Professionals from various industries who need to work with data and perform analysis using Excel.
  • Professionals from various industries who need to work with data and perform analysis using Excel
  • Anyone interested in learning Excel or upgrading their existing Excel skills.

Module 6: Placement Guide

  • Tips to clear an Interview
  • Common Interview questions and answers
  • Excel Interview Questions and Answers
  • Resume Building Guide
  • Career roadmap and certifications
  • Attempt for Excel Global Certification Exam
  • Start applying for Jobs

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