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About Novris Technologies

Novris Technologies (NTPL Training & Development Private Limited) is an education platform since 2022 providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world- class faculty and industry for MySQL Training.

Course Description

MySQL, a popular open-source relational database management system. Students will gain a solid foundation in working with MySQL databases, from understanding the basic concepts to performing advanced operations. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on practical exercises, participants will develop the skills necessary to manage and manipulate data effectively using MySQL..


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  • Prerequisites
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MySQL is widely used in web applications, content management systems, data-driven platforms, and various other applications that require efficient and reliable data management. It has a large and active community, extensive documentation, and a wide range of tools and frameworks built around it.

MySQL is a powerful and popular database management system, there are also other alternatives available, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, and Microsoft SQL Server, each with its own features and strengths.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview
    • Introduction to Databases and MySQL
    • What is Data Structures
    • Role of MySQL and Database Developers
    • Relational Database
    • Open-Source
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility
    • Data Security
    • Client/Server Architecture
    • High Availability
    • Extensibility
  • Installation
    • Download the MySQL Installer
    • Run the Installer
    • Choose Installation
    • Select Products and Features
    • Configure MySQL Server
    • Complete the Installation
    • Start the MySQL Server
    • Verify Installation

Module 2: Architecture, Scenarios, and Admin Tools MySQL

  • Architecture & scenarios
    • MySQL Workbench
    • MySQL Command-Line Client
    • phpMyAdmin
    • MySQL Shell
    • Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools

Module 3: MySQL Data Types and Table Creation MySQL

  • Variables
    • Understanding MySQL data types
    • Creating tables and defining columns
    • Primary keys and foreign keys
  • Module 4: Querying Data with SELECT Statements MySQL

    • Basic SELECT statements
    • Filtering data with WHERE clause
    • Sorting and limiting results
    • Aggregating data with GROUP BY and aggregate functions

    Module 5: : Data Manipulation with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE

      • Inserting data into tables
      • Updating existing data
      • Deleting data from tables

    Module 6: Joins and Relationships MySQL

      • Understanding table relationships
      • Performing different types of joins (INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, etc.)
      • Handling NULL values

    Module 7: Advanced Querying Techniques MySQL

    • Subqueries and derived tables
    • Using functions and expressions
    • Working with multiple tables in a single query

    Module 8: : Indexing and Optimization MySQL

    • Understanding indexes and their importance
    • Creating and managing indexes
    • Query optimization techniques

    Module 9: : Data Security and User Management MySQL

    • User accounts and privileges
    • Granting and revoking permissions
    • Securing the MySQL serve

    Module 10: Database Backup and Replication

    • Database Backup and Replication
    • Implementing replication for data redundancy and high availability

    Module 11: Placement Guide

    • Tips to clear an Interview
    • Common Interview questions and answers
    • MySQL Interview Questions and Answers
    • Resume Building Guide
    • Career roadmap and certifications
    • Attempt for My SQL Certification Exam
    • Start applying for Jobs

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