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About Novris Technologies

Novris Technologies (NTPL Training & Development Private Limited) is an education platform since 2022 providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world- class faculty and industry for Power BI Training.

Course Description

The Power BI - Business Intelligence and Data Visualization course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to leverage Power BI for effective data analysis and visual storytelling. The course covers the fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques used in Power BI to transform raw data into meaningful insights.


  • Hardware Requirements:
  • Operating System
  • Software Requirements
  • Data Sources
  • Skills and Knowledge

It's worth noting that the requirements may vary depending on the specific version of Power BI and its updates. It's recommended to refer to the official Microsoft documentation for the most up-to-date and detailed requirements.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview
    • Introduction to Power BI
    • What is Power BI
    • Data Connectivity
    • Data Preparation and Transformation
    • Data Modeling

Module 2:Connecting to Data Sources Power BI

    • Connecting to various data sources (Excel, databases, cloud services, etc.)
    • Data transformation and shaping using Power Query Editor
    • Combining and merging data from multiple sources

Module 3: Data Modeling and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)Power BI

    • Building Visualizations
    • Creating charts, tables, maps, and other visual elements
    • Applying formatting and interactive features to enhance visualizations

Module 4: Creating Interactive Reports and Dashboards Power BI

  • Designing and organizing reports and dashboards
  • Adding slicers, filters, and drill-through functionality
  • Sharing and collaborating on reports using Power BI Service

Module 5: Advanced Analytics with Power BI

    • Utilizing advanced analytics features in Power BI
    • Implementing statistical calculations and forecasting>Advanced ABAP Programming Techniques
    • Using AI capabilities, such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning integration

Module 6: Data Refresh and Automation Power BI

    • Configuring data refresh schedules for live data connections
    • Automating data updates and report generation
    • Implementing data gateway for on-premises data sources

Module 7: Power BI Best Practices and Tips

  • Optimizing performance and efficiency in Power BI
  • Implementing security and data governance measures
  • Exploring advanced tips and tricks for effective Power BI usage

Module 8: Advantages of Power BI

    • Data Visualization:
    • Easy Data Exploration
    • Data Integrations
    • Real-Time Data Updates
    • Collaboration and Sharing
    • Mobile Access
    • AI and Advanced Analytics
    • Scalability and Performance
    • Extensibility

Module 9: Placement Guide

  • Tips to clear an Interview
  • Common Interview questions and answers
  • Power BI Interview Questions and Answers
  • Resume Building Guide
  • Career roadmap and certifications
  • Attempt for Power BI Global Certification Exam
  • Start applying for Jobs

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